the marriage course

Designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a stronger marriage.
At New Life Church we are all for strong marriages, as marriages are the strength of happy families and families make up the fabric of the nation. We are excited to announce we are using the 2020 re-designed series of The Marriage Course with new teaching content, creative short films, global stories and expert insights – all hosted by Nicky & Sila Lee via online streaming .

The course will be run in your own time, only involving you and your husband/wife, via online streaming and a downloaded couples’ manual.

The Marriage Course will begin in the week starting Monday 12 October and will run for seven consecutive weeks. Couples can view the seven episodes, one per week by choosing a night in the week that best suits their schedule. We suggest that you free up two hours to cover an episode per week. The Vimeo link to each weekly episode will be sent to you via email on the Monday of that specific week.

The seven episodes are:
1. Strengthening Connection (Mon 12 Oct to Fri 16 Oct)
2. The Art of Communication (Mon 19 Oct to Fri 23 Oct)
3. Resolving Conflict (Mon 26 Oct to Fri 30 Oct)
4. The Power of Forgiveness (Mon 2 Nov to Fri 6 Nov)
5. The Impact of Family (Mon 9 Nov to Fri 13 Nov)
6. Good Sex (Mon 16 Nov to Fri 20 Nov)
7. Love in Action (Mon 23 Nov to Fri 27 Nov)
No costs involved and we do encourage as many couples as possible to invest these 14 hours in their marriages, spread over 7 weeks.

When you register, a Dropbox link to the PDF of the couples’ manual for The Marriage Course will be sent to you.

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