Alive – Sun @ 8:30am & 10:30am
Alive is focused on teenagers aged 13 – 18. We meet on a Sunday during the main services and boy are we ALIVE! Always Living In View of Eternity, we want to equip teenagers with the necessary know how to deal with teenage live challenges.
For more information email or call 011 706 7565
Friday Nite Alive – Fri @ 7pm
If there is a teenager in your house who’s chomping at the bit to get stuck in to a lively, vibrant ministry then Friday Nite Alive is all they need. We meet weekly on a Friday night, from 7pm to 9pm, where we have fun, food and fellowship! We have a unique buzz and feel which enables the teens to encounter God and receive inspiring, age specific messages from the Bible to help them grow in their relationship with Him.
For more information email or call 011 706 7565.


1st Day of the Rest of Your Life
If this was the first day of the rest of your life, what would you do? What would you change? What would you pursue? What would you accomplish? This isn’t about New Year’s resolution, it’s about a new you revolution. What will you do with the First Day of the Rest of Your Life? It’s a new year, and this New Year’s series is all about “new.” We’re challenging students to think about what they really want to be about this next year.