Alive Teens – Fri @ 7pm & Sun @ 8:30am & 10:30am
Alive is focused on teenagers aged 13 – 18. We meet on a Sunday during the main services and Friday night from 7pm to 9pm, where we have fun, food and fellowship! Always Living In View of Eternity, we want to equip teenagers with the necessary know how to deal with teenage life challenges.
For more information email or call 011 706 7565.


In His House
When we find the place we’re meant to be, we can discover more about ourselves than we thought possible. In this two-part series, we’ll learn that the search for purpose can lead you to some unexpected places. In week one, learn to embrace the moment in time God has placed you in: you’re there for a reason. And in week two, Christine teaches that God uses highly unlikely people in highly unlikely ways to bring about highly unlikely results, when we’re just obedient
Other’s First
With this series, students will learn to see others, put others first, and humble themselves to elevate others. We’ll lead them to grow so close to God that they can’t help but see His people as image bearers. Let’s take the golden rule a step further. We’re not just going to treat others the way they treat us, or even how we would want them to treat us. We’re going to treat others the way Jesus would treat them—even the way we would treat Jesus Himself. Our big questions are these: Who are the “others” in your life? Who are the people you don’t see? Who do you need to stand up for? We’ll wrap up the series with a message about being quiet enough to hear the needs of others. We’re praying for new eyes so that we can see the world like Jesus sees the world – viewing the elite and the marginalized equally.