KidsLife (1-13 Years)
KidsLife is our ministry for children aged 1-13 years old. It is all about partnering with parents to provide children with the skills, experiences and resources which will enable them to have a true and meaningful relationship with God. We have different ministries for the different age groups, which you can see below.
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31Injabulo Land (1-5 Years) – KidsLife Venue
Our toddlers and pre-school venues offer a warm, colourful, and caring environment for your little ones. It is an amazing place that will captivate your child’s heart and imagination with different experiences through crafts, Bible stories, music, puppet shows and group interaction.
32The Zone (6-10 Years) – KidsLife Venue
At The Zone you’ll find a first class program which is Biblically sound, relevant, fun and appealing to different kinds of learners. Your children will learn a new virtue each month which will be presented in fun and innovative ways through music, videos, small groups and stories. Children are challenged every Sunday to trust God, make wise choices and build lasting friendships.
33Inside Out (11-12 Years) – East Wing
Inside Out is a relevant and exciting place for pre-teens to come and learn about their relationship with God. It’s an environment where they can be themselves and grow in their spiritual journey. Come and experience worship, videos, a relevant talk and interaction with your peers.
The Zone
A professor, a lost crew member, and a robot all come together to show our best isn’t good enough—but God’s grace is! In the series “Grace,” kids find out about sin, love, forgiveness, and the power of God’s Holy Spirit. From Adam and Eve’s first sin to God’s gracious plan to rescue us through Christ’s sacrifice, this series explains that we’re all born sinful and can only be saved by the grace of Jesus.
Virtue: Grace – Getting something you don’t deserve
Memory Verse: God’s saving Grace appeared to all people. Titus 2:11
Injabulo Land
This Easter Pre-schoolers will learn the story of Jesus’ resurrection.
Bottom line: Jesus makes me God’s friend because I believe He lives again!
Memory verse: …believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead… Romans 10:9
Inside Out
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most significant event in all of history. This Easter, preteens will learn much more about this supernatural event. Jesus was the Coming King, the Servant King, the Resurrected King, and the King of Kings. From the fulfilment of Old Testament prophesy to His ascension into heaven, this series is designed to lead preteens to a deeper faith in Jesus as their King.